Array About – Offshore Yachts
  • Introduction:
  • Offshore Yard Pvt. Ltd is a local boat designing and boat-building company operated by Ibrahim Moosa-suja and Aslam Ibrahim. together with a team of innovative designers and highly skilled craftsmen who are dedicated to producing boats of exceptionally high standards.
  • This local company, based on R. Alifushi, has established a local reputation for its designs , construction quality and incorporation of the latest marine technology. The company has been designing and building hand crafted luxury timber and fiberglass boats ranging from 5 – 40 meters since 2010. Today, Offshore Yard is creating tomorrow’s classics..
  • Every hand-crafted boat built by Offshore Yard reflects the years of experience, the enthusiasm and attention to detail that only a highly dedicated team can deliver.

  • Major services:
  • Yacht and Boat designing
  • Yacht and Boat building
  • Making BOQ
  • Interior Designing
  • 3D Modeling and Rendering
  • Consultancy
  • Calculations of strength of materials
  • Styling and design of superstructures
  • Design and structural scantling
  • Calculation of rigging efforts, modifications
  • Engineering-mechanical structures
  • Design and engineering of floating structures
  • Consulting and Project Management
  • Design and virtual view of changes
  • Expert reports

  • Our Mission:
  • To imagine, to plan, to build exclusive boats with a perfect equilibrium between design and technique, between quality and style. As we wish to make our clients dream come true.
  • We aim to serve niche, so become a significant force in our fields and to provide our customer the best service. Our key strategy is the aggressive pursuit of creativity, efficiency, quality and performance in providing a wide and comprehensive range of customers.

  • Our Vision:
  • Spirit, Pride, Determination, Commitment, Passion and Integrity. These values inspire the way we serve our customers. We provide them the absolute best services. We listen to them; respond quickly to their current needs, anticipate future needs and retain our customers.
  • Access stairs to cockpit.
    Stainless steel guard rails and grab rails.
    Non-skid deck.
    Spoiler arch for navigation & communication equipment.

  • Our Facilities:
  • New facilities were built in Raa Alifushi by Offshore Yard in 2007 in the form of new factory space and office to accommodate the construction of three vessels up to 150 feet in length and ability to perform almost all work in-house. Quality control being a leading factor in the ongoing success of the company.
  • Our skilled staff are our greatest asset and crucial to our operation. Our continuing upgrading of all facilities allows improved working conditions, a healthy productive and rewarding working environment.

  • Staff:
  • The team is a seasoned and high efficiency team. The technical foundation of factory is quite firmed; we have more than 5 years boats producing experience. Now the factory has about 2200FT2 workshops located in Raa Atoll Alifushi, North province of Maldives. The whole employees of this company have only one faith-Produce the best boat and create a world famous brand. We focus on the quality and credit standing. We are taking care of every detail and in pursuit of high efficiency. Even now we are not so big but we have enough courage and self-confidence to carry out our dream and challenge the future.
  • The creation of new boat begins in Offshore Yards’ new Design Center, located on site at Raa Alifushi, North Province (Uthuru Province) manufacturing facility. The center, which opened its doors in December 2007, is unique to the industry. Here, concepts are taken from hand-drawn sketches, to detailed CAD designs, then to full-scale floor models meticulously created using a variety of materials. Design at Offshore Yard is very much a team process, with ongoing input from engineering, manufacturing, and marketing. We also values the suggestions of local boat builders and boat owners that joins us to offer recommendations from the customer and dealer perspective.
  • We have over 45 staffs working under the Offshore Yard roof, we are proud to say that 50 percent of the staffs are Maldivian.

  • Completed Projects:
Honors Legacy
Length : 33m/ Client: Honors Club
Mobile Camp
80 feet Eye Care Mobile Camp boat
Duke of York
36m Dive Yacht
60 feet Dive Dhoni
39m Luxury yacht
Athiri Dive
50 feet Dive Dhoni
Finch Safari
65 feet Fishing Safari
Blue Marlin
45 Excursion Dhoni
Season Paradise
45 Excursion Dhoni
Boat Club
65 feet Dive Dhoni
Ocean fun
45 feet Excursion Dhoni
45 feet Excursion Dhoni

  • On going Projects:
60' Dive Dhoni
3rd Gen Dive dhoni
Cargo reefer
85 feet Cargo reefer for Refcool